About Us

Hickory Hills Smoked Products and Big Game Processing originally opened in the fall of 1995 in small town of Van Wyck. South Carolina

After years of high demand for processing and producing smoked venison products, we decided to offer the public the same smoked products in a very lean, nutritious pork and beef. Products produced without all the fat and chemicals most companies and processors use to produce a smoked product. Our largest specialty is the injection of cheese into our smoked meats to produce products that are fully cooked and ready to eat. These products are perfect for holiday parties, football games, weddings and family or friends get togethers. Any social gathering will work with our products, because the products are ready to eat with cheese inside, all you need is crackers to lay out along side of them.

Our Products have the best taste of any out on the market

Because we use the leanest possible meat to produce these products and not a lot of chemicals, our products have the best taste of any out on the market. Hickory Hills Products have a unique taste different from all other processors. Our seasonings are blended in-house to give the distinct taste that sets us apart from other processors. Our products are vacuum packed to insure your meat is fresh and free of freezer burn. it is packed in a meat tray and labeled for easy storage and retrieval from your freezer. We offer a money back guarantee if the taste and quality is not what we claim.